Personal Twitter Tips for Maximum Happiness

This is a followup to Datachomp's Personal Twitter Tips for Maximum Happiness.

Personally, I like following a wide range of twitter accounts. From verified sports bloggers, to cute baby animal picture accounts. I follow quickly, and mute quickly.

My tips apply to Tweetbot.

Tip 1: filter non standard clients

Blocking non standard clients, or spammy clients, is a sure fire way to get rid of a lot of the crap., Quora, IFTTT,, Untapped, Buffer, etc. Tweetbot makes this super simple: go into your mute filters, scroll to the bottom where the clients are, and block anything that doesn't look normal.

Tip 2: filter out things you don't want to see

Go into Tweetbot's mute filter, and add some regular expression queries.

Anything with two or more hashtags


All paywall links


Anything related to javascript


Anything related to the election


Anything related to people dying


Anything I don't want to see in the current news cycle




This is where Tweetbot's temporary filters come in handy. I typically filter news cycle items for 7-30 days.

Tip 3: keep twitter fun

Keeping twitter fun requires diligence. Mute controversial topics, hashtags, and people having a bad day. Follow more people, but make sure only tweets that follow your rules make it into your timeline.